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Introducing our company:
We're a small company with big ideas about how to make your imagination drive your reality.
Do you have a concept that you'd like to see realized & protected? Maybe you need tooling or machinery to make your products better / faster / cheaper? Or need a product that doesn't yet exist to help your employees provide better services? Afraid you'll get socked with a huge bill from a consulting engineering company?

We can serve you well in these scenarios and quite a few others. We're often twice as cost effective as many big consulting companies, for one reason because we're often half as expensive. Another reason is that we have and expertly use many of the same high-end tools. Some of what you would see from us even before we get very far on your project may make your jaw drop. As well we can accomplish many things faster than you would ever expect. See Costs for some information on estimations and quotes, as well as typical payment schedules.

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We can accept SolidWorks® & AutoCAD® data, also IGES, DXF, STEP, ACIS (.sat) & Parasolid® files, plus some Pro/E® and Catia® files. We can also output drawings in AutoCAD®, Visio® and Adobe Acrobat® (.pdf) formats. We also convert easily and cost effectively from AutoCAD® compatible formats to 3D solids and back again.

Email questions or comments to Mark Stapleton (owner) as info@h2omarkdesign.com
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Or just call us at 704-895-6475 or 704-650-4175 (cell)

3D Product & Machine Design,
Development & Documentation
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Injection molded parts for consumer product

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